Fundraising weekly – Movement Labs, Aligned Layer, Turnkey, Shiba Inu

This week saw 27 blockchain startups raise a combined total of $150 million in funding.

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Dates: 22 April 2024 – 28 April 2024This week’s notable funding rounds according to’s research:

Movement Labs secures $38M in Series A funding, spearheading innovative blockchain infrastructure development.

Aligned Layer secures $20M in Series A funding for its Ethereum verification layer enhancing zero-knowledge SNARK proofs.

Turnkey raised $15M in a Series A funding round from Lightspeed Faction, Galaxy Digital, Sequoia Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Alchemy Ventures, Figment Capital, Mirana Ventures, Anagram, TrueBridge Capital, Asymmetric fund, Variant Fund, Gemini Frontier Fund, Viktor Bunin, Marc Bhargava, Spencer Noon, Anthony Sassano, Jake Chervinsky, offering simple APIs for secure private key management.

Shiba Inu received $12M in funding from P2 Ventures (Polygon Ventures), Mechanism Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Shima Capital, Animoca Brands, Morningstar Ventures, Woodstock, DWF Ventures, Stake Capital, Comma3 Ventures, expanding its ecosystem with a new Layer 3 blockchain leveraging fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) technology.

Carv secures $10M in Series A funding for its Web3 identity startup.

L3E7 secures $10M in funding for its innovative open-world RPG game utilizing NFTs.

InfiniGods raised $8M in a Series A funding round from Pantera Capital, developing free-to-play mobile games blending ancient mythologies with Web3 technology, offering potential cryptocurrency rewards.

Prime Intellect obtained $5.5M in funding from Distributed Global, CoinFund, Compound, Collab+Currency, Protocol Labs, democratizing AI development through global compute aggregation and collaborative model training.

Tevaera received $5M in funding from Laser Digital*, Hashkey Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Matter Labs, Draper Dragon, Faculty Group, Crypto com Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Selini Capital, DWF Labs, Morningstar Ventures, DCF God, Momentum 6 (M6), Genesis Block Ventures Capital (GBV), Mapleblock Capital, NxGen, GD10 Ventures, Aquanow (AQN), CoinSwitch. Tevaera pioneers a Game-IP-first strategy, addressing web3 gaming infrastructure challenges and planning to launch new games and a decentralized L3 gaming chain on zkSync.

Natix Network obtained $4.6M in a Strategic funding round from Borderless Capital, Tioga Capital Partners, Escape Velocity, Moonrock Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Laser Digital, WAGMI Ventures, Inception Capital (formerly OP Crypto), Room40 Ventures, Veris Ventures, IoTeX, FutureMoney Group, iAngels Capital, James Parillo, Paul Taylor, Vijay Pravin Maharajan, Crypto Banter. Natix Network operates a blockchain-based and crowdsourced camera network, generating a real-time global map while safeguarding privacy. By integrating AI technology, it aims to leverage existing cameras worldwide to establish a crowdsourced geospatial data economy.

Othentic secures $4M in seed funding for its modular network framework, empowering secure custom computational services.

Adot receives $3M in Series A funding for its decentralized AI search engine.

Puffverse obtained $3M in funding from Animoca Brands*, Arcane Group, The Spartan Group, Foresight Ventures, Hashkey Capital, Sky Mavis. Puffverse offers a Disney-like 3D metaverse merging Web 3 virtuality with Web 2 reality, providing diverse interactive experiences with NFT-based characters and a multi-end universe.

OpenDelta pioneers Bitcoin-linked stablecoins with a $2.5M pre-seed investment.

Moso receives $2M in seed funding for its crypto rewards platform, revolutionizing user engagement.

Anichess secured $1.8M in funding from Sfermion, Amber Group, Fenbushi Capital, Aspen Digital, SNZ Holding to advance its community-driven, free-to-play chess game. Developed in collaboration between Animoca Brands and Play Magnus Group, Anichess combines traditional chess rules with a unique “spell mechanic,” incorporating offensive, defensive, and counter tactics.

Uncharted raises $1.7M in seed funding to revolutionize Web3 gaming experiences.

PairedWorld received $1.5M in funding, aiming to authenticate and reward real-world human interactions through its protocol utilizing the $PAIRED token and a custom Zk-Proof Validium.

Hinkal Protocol raises $1.4M for its ZK-based protocol offering private trading and yield farming.

Only1 obtained $1.3M in Strategic funding from Newman Group*, Folius Ventures, Modular Capital, Petrock Capital, NaniXBT, MapleLeafCap, Adrian Lai, Paul Kim, offering a Web3 social platform on Solana with resistance to centralized censorship decisions.

Engines of Fury secured $500K in funding from Animoca Brands, aiming to revolutionize the gaming industry with a post-apocalyptic top-down extraction shooter.

Projects Secure Undisclosed Funding Rounds

Y8U obtained undisclosed funding from Morningstar Ventures, Ape Terminal, Banter Capital, IBC Group, enabling individuals to create multiple AI entities representing different aspects of their digital identity on a Web3 protocol.

Scallop secured undisclosed funding from DWF Labs, pioneering the Next Generation peer-to-peer Money Market for the Sui ecosystem and the first DeFi protocol to receive an official grant from the Sui Foundation.

AIT Protocol received undisclosed funding from Animoca Brands, pioneering Web3 data infrastructure with an emphasis on data annotation and AI model training.

Iskra secured undisclosed funding from Animoca Brands, fostering gamer-community connections and developer support on its blockchain gaming platform.

Creator.Bid received undisclosed funding from Mechanism Capital, Zee Prime Capital, Moonrock Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Momentum 6 (M6), ID Theory, NxGen, HV Capital, MH Ventures, SkyVision Capital, MQdao, AlfaDAO, Tempo, Silvermine Capital. offers an innovative platform empowering creators to develop, monetize, and co-own AI Creator Agents. By merging AI and blockchain, it revolutionizes digital content creation and ownership, empowering creators to manage and monetize their assets collaboratively.

The Colony secured undisclosed funding from TechStars, Marshland Capital, Moonrock Capital, NxGen, Brian D Evans, Coach K, Charles Read to digitize real-world assets on the blockchain, providing a seamless trading experience and scalable growth opportunities for reseller brands.

And many more groundbreaking investments shaping the future of blockchain and Web3 technologies.

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