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Last week, 28 blockchain startups collectively raised $163.4M in funding.

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Dates: 13 May 2024 – 19 May 2024This week’s notable funding rounds according to’s research:

Polymarket Raises $45M in Series B Round. Polymarket, a decentralized information markets platform, secured $45M in a Series B funding round led by Founders Fund, Vitalik Buterin, 1confirmation, ParaFi Capital, and Dragonfly Capital. Polymarket allows users to trade on debated topics, providing actionable insights based on traders’ forecasts. Despite its success, it currently can’t operate in the U.S. due to regulatory restrictions.

Humanity Protocol Secures $30M in Seed Funding. Humanity Protocol, a human-centric zkEVM Layer-2 blockchain, raised $30M from Kingsway Capital, Animoca Brands, Shima Capital, and It aims to onboard the first billion humans to Web3 through Proof of Humanity, offering unique human authentication mechanisms and data control.

Peaq Raises $20M in Public Sale. Peaq, a Layer 1 for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs), raised $20M. It focuses on powering real-world applications through blockchain technology, facilitating the development of decentralized protocols and applications across various sectors.

Param Labs Secures $7M in Funding. Param Labs, an AAA game and blockchain development studio, raised $7M from Animoca Brands, Delphi Ventures, Merit Circle, and others. It develops blockchain-integrated games with player-owned digital assets, merging traditional gaming with Web3.

Re Raises $7M in Funding. Re, a blockchain-powered reinsurance protocol, raised $7M from Electric Capital. It specializes in offering tokenized reinsurance for real-world assets.

Shogun Raises $6.9M in Seed Funding. Shogun, an intent-centric DeFi protocol, raised $6.9M from Polychain Capital, dao5, Maelstrom, Arrington Capital, Primitive, Hypersphere, Mirana Ventures, and others. Shogun maximizes Trader Extractable Value (TEV) through optimized order flow and cross-chain market making modules.

ChainML (TheoriqAI) Secures $6.2M in Seed Funding. ChainML, a scalable protocol for decentralized machine learning, raised $6.2M from Hack VC, Foresight Ventures, Inception Capital, HTX Ventures, and others. The web3 AI platform also unveiled Theoriq, its agentic base layer.

Chainstack Secures $6M in Funding. Chainstack, a web3 infrastructure-as-a-service provider, raised $6M from SBI Holdings, Sygnum, Azimut, and Unicorn Factory Ventures. It offers developers easy access to blockchain platforms, enabling seamless deployment and management of blockchain nodes.

UXLINK Raises $5M in Funding. UXLINK, a Web3 social platform, raised $5M from SevenX Ventures, INCE Capital, and Hashkey Capital. It offers users the ability to create social assets and participate in cryptocurrency trading.

Zeta Markets Raises $5M in Strategic Funding. Zeta, an under-collateralized DeFi derivatives platform, raised $5M from Electric Capital, Digital Asset Capital Management, AirTree Ventures, and others. It provides liquid derivatives trading for individuals and institutions.

Zest Raises $3.5M in Seed Funding. Zest, a Bitcoin lending protocol, raised $3.5M from Draper Associates, Binance Labs Fund, Flow Traders, Trust Machines, and others. Zest operates on-chain and is open-source, offering decentralized and efficient solutions for Bitcoin lending and borrowing.

Cross the Ages Raises $3.5M in Funding. Cross the Ages, a mobile-first collectible card game, raised $3.5M from Animoca Brands and Sebastien Borget. Set in a dystopian world, it is based on seven fantasy and science fiction novels.

FantaGoal Raises $3M in Funding. FantaGoal, a Web3 football ecosystem, raised $3M from IDG Capital, OptaJoe, KuCoin Ventures, and Chain Capital. It aims to establish the world’s largest football community through blockchain integration, offering innovative features for football fans globally.

Raven Secures $2.7M in Seed Funding. Raven, a high-frequency algorithmic trading firm, raised $2.7M from Hack VC and Wintermute. Raven operates in both centralized and decentralized exchanges, ensuring liquidity and market efficiency through sophisticated algorithms and partnerships with new crypto projects.

Hylé Raises $2.6M in Seed Funding. Hylé, a minimal layer one platform for verifying zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), raised $2.6M from Framework Ventures, Cherry Ventures, Fabric Ventures, and others. It provides a secure settlement layer for off-chain applications powered by ZKPs, ensuring scalability and robust security.

Focus Tree Raises $2M in Seed Funding. Focus Tree, a web3 productivity app combating social media addiction, raised $2M in a seed round from Sfermion, Volt Capital, Psalion VC, Starkware, Typhon Ventures, Foresight Ventures, and Sebastien Borget. The app rewards users for minimizing phone usage by allowing them to earn focus points to cultivate a virtual garden.

Gamic Secures $1.8M in Funding. Gamic, a decentralized messaging platform, raised $1.8M from P2 Ventures, Gate Labs, Mapleblock Capital, and others. It offers management solutions for friends, gamers, brands, creators, and community managers.

Sekuya Secures $1.6M in Funding. Sekuya, a Singapore-based video game company, raised $1.6M from SingularityDAO, OIG Capital, Gains Associates, and others. Its flagship project, Sekuya Multiverse, merges MOBA and RPG genres for a novel gaming experience.

SPARK Secures $1.5M in Pre-Seed Funding. Spark, a DeFi super app on the Fuel network, raised $1.5M from Curiosity Capital, P2 Ventures, Unicorn Factory Ventures, and Fuel Network. The app integrates financial services like perpetual contracts, lending/borrowing, and a high-performance order book, appealing to developers and traders.

Anomaly Raises $1.5M in Funding. Anomaly, an AI gaming studio and Layer 3 blockchain innovator, raised $1.5M from Decasonic, Shima Capital, BreakOrbit, Round13 Capital, and Zeneca. It blends Web3 with SocialFi and advanced AI for immersive gaming experiences.

Multipool Raises $650K in Funding. Multipool, a decentralized protocol for DeFi trading, raised $650K from NxGen. It offers an independent on-chain order book, transparent auctions, and repo lending to enhance DeFi trading environments.

Engines of Fury Raises $550K in Public Sale. Engines of Fury, a free-to-play blockchain game, raised $550K. It aims to revolutionize gaming by attracting users from the Web 2 gaming community with its post-apocalyptic top-down extraction shooter.

Lifeform Raises $450K in Public Sale. Lifeform, a decentralized visual digital identity (DID) solution provider, raised $450K. It offers hyper-realistic 3D avatar creation tools, visual DID protocols, and decentralized identity systems for Web3 avatars.

Baby Shark Universe Raises Undisclosed Seed Funding. Baby Shark Universe, a metaverse platform built on the BSC ecosystem, raised an undisclosed amount from Animoca Brands, Credit Scend, Sui Foundation, Comma3 Ventures, Creditcoin, Notch Ventures, and others. It leverages the “Pinkfong and Baby Shark” IP for a user-friendly gaming environment and virtual content creation.

Pencils Protocol Raises Undisclosed Amount. Pencils Protocol, an auction platform and yield aggregator on Scroll, raised an undisclosed amount from OKX Ventures. It integrates zero-knowledge rollups and proof-of-humanity logins for a fair launch platform.

STON fi Raises Undisclosed Amount. STON fi, a decentralized exchange powered by the TON Blockchain, raised an undisclosed amount from CoinFund, Delphi Ventures, Karatage, and others. It operates as an automated market maker with low fees and a user-friendly interface.

Fireblocks Raises Undisclosed Amount. Fireblocks, a crypto and digital asset platform for institutions, raised an undisclosed amount from HAUN Ventures. It offers software and APIs for custody, treasury operations, DeFi access, and digital asset management.

Chainalysis Secures Undisclosed Amount. Chainalysis, a blockchain data platform, raised an undisclosed amount from HAUN Ventures. It provides data-driven solutions for investigation, compliance, and market intelligence in the cryptocurrency space.

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