CoinFactiva Analysts: The Surge in Meme Tokens Fuels Demand for BNB

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The recent craze for meme tokens has significantly boosted the demand for Binance Coin (BNB). A prime example is the new token, Notcoin (NOT), which has garnered widespread attention on social media.

Notcoin’s Meteoric Rise

On June 3rd, Notcoin’s trading volume surpassed that of USDC, reaching over $4 billion. Early investors were pleased with the project’s performance, as the token, despite lacking intrinsic utility, managed to double their initial investments.

Binance’s Farming Initiative

Three days before its listing, Binance launched a farming initiative on its Launchpad platform. This allowed users to earn NOT as a reward for staking FDUSD and BNB. The response was overwhelming: users locked $2.7 billion in FDUSD and $10.7 billion in BNB (based on prices at the time of listing).

Participants received 3% of the total token supply, amounting to 3 billion NOT tokens. At the current price of $0.02 per token, this represents $60 million in total rewards, or $0.45 for every $100 staked. While this might seem modest, annualizing this return results in a yield of 54%.

Increased Demand for BNB

The success of NOT has driven up the demand for BNB, as users prepare to participate in upcoming token launches. Currently, Binance has initiated the farming of the IO token from the project, with 18 million BNB, valued at $12.6 billion, already locked in.

Market Performance and Resilience

At the end of 2023, CoinGecko conducted an analysis of the best projects launched through Binance’s Launchpad.

The AXS token from the Axie Infinity gaming project topped the list, showing an astonishing growth of 1649 times its initial value. The increased demand for BNB driven by promotional activities has positively impacted its price.

Despite facing setbacks, including legal challenges from the U.S. Department of Justice and the arrest of CEO Changpeng Zhao, Binance has continued to reclaim market share. On the spot market, Binance’s share grew by 2.5% year-over-year to 34.6%, and in the derivatives market, it increased by 1.2% to 45.

This combination of successful token launches, strategic farming initiatives, and resilient market performance has solidified BNB’s position as a crucial asset within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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