Bitcoin’s Growth Accelerates Amid New Records and Renewed Investor Interest

Bitcoin's Surge: Record ETF Inflows and Futures Activity Signal a Promising Peak of $130K-$150K by 2025

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New Records Signal Bitcoin’s Growth

Bitcoin has experienced remarkable growth this year, largely driven by a significant influx of investments into spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). On March 12, these investments soared to $1 billion, propelling Bitcoin past the $73,000 mark by the next day. After a two-month period of relative calm, investor interest has surged once again. Just yesterday, net inflows into Bitcoin ETFs reached $887 million, marking the second-highest result in Bitcoin ETF history. With strong accumulation sentiment and minimal selling pressure, a new price record for Bitcoin is anticipated in the coming days or even hours.

Futures Market Activity

The futures market has also been a hive of activity. Traders, sensing the end of a prolonged consolidation phase, have set a new record with $36.9 billion in open interest. This figure represents the volume of open positions in both directions. In contrast, the spot ETFs launched in Hong Kong last month lag significantly behind their American counterparts in terms of volume. Nonetheless, they achieved a new inflow record this week, collecting $32 million on June 3.

The Role of ETFs and Halving Event

ETFs have become crucial in assessing Bitcoin’s future prospects. However, another key factor is the halving event, which reduces the supply of new Bitcoin and significantly impacts its growth. Charles Edwards, founder of investment company Capriole Investments, points out that the halving has led to “miner capitulation,” as indicated by the crossing of moving averages of the network’s total computational power. The last buy signal from this indicator was generated in September last year when Bitcoin was trading at $26,000.

Market Cycles and Future Projections

Veteran trader Peter Brandt also highlights the “beautiful symmetry” of Bitcoin’s market cycles. According to Brandt, each cycle has seen the halving event effectively halve the number of weeks between the market bottom and the peak. If this model holds true, Bitcoin could reach its peak in September 2025, with prices soaring to between $130,000 and $150,000.


According to CoinFactiva analysts, the combination of robust investment inflows into ETFs, significant milestones in the futures market, and the impact of the halving event all point towards a promising future for Bitcoin. Investors and traders alike are keeping a close watch, anticipating new price records and continued growth in the cryptocurrency market.

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