Crypto Content Creator BitBoy Bids Farewell to YouTube Series Amidst Intense Legal Feuds

In the summer of 2023, BitBoy found himself embroiled in a legal battle after the inception of his very own cryptocurrency, the $BEN coin. Despite his fervent creation, the BitBoy Crypto brand refused to lend their seal of approval to this innovative venture.

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Cryptocurrency influencer BitBoy, famously known as Ben Armstrong, has made the bold decision to bid farewell to his beloved daily crypto show on January 31st.

Bankruptcy and Legal Warfare Force Final Curtain Call

Unexpectedly, the renowned influencer bid adieu to his beloved daily crypto show after three years of success. In a candid revelation on his YouTube platform, BitBoy cited financial obstacles as the driving force behind his departure.

Amidst his constant legal tussles, BitBoy’s financial woes have only intensified, as revealed by the man himself. With his days consumed by court appearances, he admits to shelling out a hefty $25,000 each week to produce his popular shows. As if that wasn’t enough, a staggering $100,000 is drained from his bank account to cover mounting legal expenses. In his own words, he has been stripped of everything.

In the summer of 2023, But Boy found himself embroiled in a legal battle after the inception of his very own cryptocurrency, the $BEN coin. Despite his fervent creation, the BitBoy Brand refused to support the idea.

BitBoy Crypto’s parent company, BJ Investment Holdings, made a striking proclamation on X, vowing to take decisive legal measures against Armstrong. This bold move ultimately led to the crypto influencer’s swift removal from all aspects of the BitBoy Crypto franchise.

After being hit with a counter-lawsuit, Armstrong fought back, but the course of events proved unchangeable. From that point on, the YouTuber found himself besieged by an unrelenting wave of legal battles, springing up from all corners.

“We’re barely making it out here, guys. We’ve got lawyers coming at me from every angle. Everyone I know is coming after me right now

B. Armstrong

BitBoy Armstrong’s devoted followers have gathered together in a powerful display of support, their rallying cries echoing throughout the crypto community. This charismatic leader first burst onto the scene in 2021, enthralling digital asset enthusiasts with his daily musings and expert insights. From breaking down the fundamentals of digital assets to predicting their prices and highlighting the latest Web3 investment opportunities, his YouTube channel quickly garnered a loyal following of over 91,000 eager followers.

After his recent announcement, Armstrong’s subscribers wasted no time in showering him with words of encouragement and unwavering support. One fan declared his show to be a virtual treasure trove, offering invaluable knowledge and insights for aspiring investors since its inception in 2021. And while the air is thick with positivity, Armstrong has remained tight-lipped about any potential comeback on his YouTube platform and social media handle.

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