Bitwise Analyst Juan Leon Estimates Potential Ethereum ETF Inflows Relative to Bitcoin ETFs

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Juan Leon, an analyst at Bitwise Invest, has provided estimates on potential inflows for Ethereum ETFs in comparison to Bitcoin ETFs. According to his analysis, U.S. Ethereum ETF inflows could range between 10% and 25% of those seen in Bitcoin ETFs.

Comparative Analysis of Spot BTC/ETH ETF Issuers Outside the U.S.

To understand these projections, Leon examined data from various spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF issuers outside the United States:

  • ETC (Europe): Ethereum ETF inflows account for 10% of Bitcoin ETF inflows.
  • 21Shares (Europe): Ethereum ETF inflows constitute a substantial 72% relative to Bitcoin ETF inflows.
  • Purpose (Canada): Ethereum ETF inflows represent 18% of Bitcoin ETF inflows.
  • ChinaAMC (Hong Kong): Ethereum ETF inflows stand at 13% compared to Bitcoin ETF inflows.

These figures provide a diverse perspective on how Ethereum ETFs might perform relative to Bitcoin ETFs in different international markets, offering valuable insights for potential U.S. market behavior.

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